Friday, December 2, 2011

French-Kissing Techniques That Will Melt Any Woman

Why is French kiss different from a regular kiss? The answer is very simple. It is because French kissing is an open mouth kissing that makes use of your tongue. It is known to be the most popular type of kiss and it be can give you a very pleasurable kissing experience.

A French kiss is the type of kiss that usually delivers to mind parts of the full sex act. Because of the mental images that it creates, French kissing can be very arousing. So if you want a simple act of kissing to lead you and your partner to bed, try to learn some French kissing tips.

So are you now ready for an enjoyable French kiss?

Here are some French kissing tips for you. 

    1) Relax your body. Only your lips and your tongue are involved in French kissing. Begin with romantic, slow, closed-mouth kisses, and slowly shift to open-mouthed no-tongue kiss. 

    2) Breathing is necessary. Whenever you're ready to use your tongue, open your mouth slowly and gently nudge your partner's mouth open with the use of your tongue. Move your tongue tenderly inside the other person's tongue. The most important among the French kissing tips is keeping the tongue movement slow and gentle.

    3) If your partner seems tense, stop what you are doing. But if you notice that your partner opens his/her mouth or is enjoying your kiss, then you have to continue. Slowly give your partner's lips a tiny lick using your tongue. This will give her an idea of what's coming up.

    4) Spice up this experience by sucking her tongue or lips for few seconds. Stick your tongue and allow your partner to suck it too.  This adds intimacy and variety in kissing. French kissing is "wetter" than any other kinds of kiss. 

    5) As saliva build up, remember to swallow.

    6) You can still French kiss if you have braces; but try to be very gentle and avoid touching teeth. 

    7) Never shove your tongue down her throat because she might choke. 

    8) Don't allow your tongue to go limp; move it around your partner's tongue. 

   9) Add kinkiness in French kissing by biting your woman's tongue or lower lip occasionally. If you feel a strong attraction going on between you, then softly tease her with your tongue. It will surely make her wanting for more. 

    Have fun French-kissing your gal, and remember...these are just a handful of techniques


Monday, November 21, 2011

How To Get Your First Kiss

How to "ask for" the first kiss all the time. But here's the secret:

You should NEVER have to ask a woman for your first kiss. (Only WIMPS ask for a first kiss, and you should know by now that women are NOT attracted to wimps!) You should "test the waters" by using the following technique instead:

Flirt heavily with her and get some good connection when you're over at her house. Then when the moment is right, I want you to look into her eyes...and stroke her hair. Tell her
her hair smells good. Look into her eyes again and see how she reacts. (Feedback is IMPORTANT) She's got those dreamy eyes? Lift her chin up with a finger and tell her her eyes are beautiful and gaze deeply into them. She still responding well? Great. Lean down SLOWLY towards her lips. (If she doesn't pull away then she WANTS the kiss). Kiss her lightly on her lips. Pull back and look into her eyes again. Smile. Then kiss her again, but make it harder and longer this time. Kiss her for awhile and then start nibbling on her neck.

Once you've "melted" her with this, she should be ready to do more.

Well, there you have it, the killer technique to get your first kiss with the girl of your dream. It won't guarantee you'll have a girlfriend by tomorrow night but it can certainly

give you a better "edge" the next time you're out with a girl.


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Sunday, November 20, 2011

How To Kiss A Woman

Kissing can give lots of fun and enjoyment, if you're really good at it. And you should be good at it! Because lots of women think that if you can't do get that right, especially the first kiss, chances are you won't be able to do good for the rest either. So if you want to be a ladies man, you better become a good kisser.

Kissing, in the dictionary means, to touch or caress with the lips as an expression of love, respect or appreciation. It is a subtle art that must be taken intimately with your partner. The best and most enjoyable style of kissing is the one that makes use of different variations.

Some partners start with small, gentle kiss, going into a French kiss (my next issue my focus on JUST the French kiss), and eventually found themselves sucking each other's upper or lower lip. However, the perfect and most romantic kiss is the one that is shared with the person that is really special to you. Though a good kiss can definitely make two people become closer, still, there is nothing more sincere and passionate than a kiss with someone you really care about.

To avoid nervousness and embarrassing circumstances especially for first timers, it is important to know some kissing tips:

1) See to it that you have a good breath! I'll bet you ill agree if I say that the surest way to spoil a perfect kiss is by having a bad breath. So brush your teeth before going out for a date or carry around a pack of gum or mints with you and have some after you finish your meal, a glass of beer or a stick of cigarette.

2) Try to pick the perfect moment, don't just kiss the person when you feel like it. The right time to kiss your partner is when your eyes meet and both of you aren't able to look away.

3) Make sure that you open your mouth slightly as you place it over your partner's lips. And as your lips join hers, keep your lips slightly parted and press them tenderly over your partner's lips.

4) It is also nice if you ran your tongue over your lips before kissing because slightly moist lips makes kissing a more pleasurable experience.

5) When the sparks start flying, and the two of you are already kissing, don't just leave kisses to the lips. It is more seductive and romantic if you kiss your partner's chin, neck, tip of the nose, cheeks and even their eyelids. But more than that, there are other kissing tips that each of us should bear in mind. would you like to try these tips in real life, with the girl you have always wanted?

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